Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sigil 0.6.2 Released

Sigil 0.6.2 is now out. This is a small maintenance release to fix issues found in the 0.6.1 release. There is still a known issue with the cursor jumping in CV when saving but it isn't jumping randomly anymore.


  1. Hi i work on a mac and I just upgraded to 0.6.2. Now Sigil can't open. It crashes before the application can even launch.

    Is there anyway to download 0.6.1?

  2. Same problem here. 0.6.1 works just fine on my Mac (OSX 10.6.8) but 0,6,2 crashes on start :-) ANyway, many thanks again for your work!

  3. This is the only place I found that lists SIGIL's System Requirements.
    Where does it say that OS X 10.6 is not supported??????

    Version 0.6.2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
    Intel, 64-bit processor, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

    1. Which is the official download page which also lists the system requirements. is an unofficial, third party, unaffiliated site. They can lie all they want but a lie is still a lie.

  4. Indeed, John. The official info on system requirements comes from the official download page.
    My question is more: do you really need OSX 10.7 minimum for Sigil 0.6.2? Version 0.6.1 works fine with 10.6.8 and you said that "Sigil 0.6.2 is ... a small maintenance release". Maybe a simple change in the compilation parameters would do the trick.
    OSX 10.7 have been a major change (no support for Rosetta) and many of us are reluctant to upgrade. I did and went back to 10.6.8 after a week. Too many of my old applications were not supported.
    I'll stick with 0.6.1 on my Mac and use the latest Sigil version on my PC only :-)


    1. > Version 0.6.1 works fine with 10.6.8

      No it does not. It "runs" but I've gotten reports of it crashing and freezing during certain operations that are fine in supported versions.

      > OSX 10.7 have been a major change (no support for Rosetta) and many of us are reluctant to upgrade.

      You're also not getting security updates because Apple has end of lifed that version. It's your choice to not upgrade but I'm not going to try to support an OS that even Apple doesn't support any longer.

  5. 0.6.2 crashes for me too. Also, the 0.6.x versions appear to have altered my Javascript by putting it all on one line, on the CDATA line....making it commented out. I'll have to test further.

    This is strange...I thought I noticed with 0.6.1 that "new text file" added a .html file. Today it's adding .xhtml still like 0.5.x.

  6. The javascript alteration might come from a change in the "tidy" preferences. Check them - the issue has been discussed on the Sigil Forum. see here:

  7. Hi John,

    Have you ever considered adding EPUBCHECK to Sigil? FlightCrew is great, but it sometimes ommits errors that can be detected by EPUBCHECK. It would be great if you could just click on icon and see output of EPUBcheck directly in Sigil.