Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sigil 0.5.3 Released

Sigil 0.5.3 is now available for download. This is a maintenance release and does not include any new features. Just bug fixes.


  1. New to Sigil, writing my first of three planned ebooks. Since I know HTML, CSS, and a slew of other web language types, I'm writing it directly in Sigil. I started my first one in Word, but the conversion of the first two chapters was such a pain that I decided to go native Sigil. Thanks for all your work and the latest release. I've just dld'ed it.

  2. I agree I am writing directly into Sigil as well. I do have a bug fix question: I find the "find and replace" does not seem to work for as before. (I'm on Mac OS Lion). If perform a simple operation such as find < p> and replace all with < div> it does so but tells me to fix the rest of the stuff manually. Basically, Sigil jumps the gun telling me the xhtml document is imperfect and forces me into an awkward auto fix or makes me do the rest manually --like then replacing the < /p> with < /div>
    Is this a new problem--I've never encountered it before. even posting this comment, I'm told the example html tag P is not allowed so I'll try putting a space in all of the examples.

  3. I'm a new Sigil user. Also I'm a developer and I'm interested in the new epub3 format. There's any idea to give suport to this new format?. If so, I would like to know if there's any technical problem related with the current libraries used at sigil project to provide the proper support for epub3.
    I'm in the idea to start a new epub3 editor but I prefer not to start from scratch.

  4. First, as a ling-time Sigil user, I'd like to thank John for all the good work he's done since taking over. I edit a lot, largely because I don't like reading the sloppy sub-editing that prevails in most ebooks these days. I find editing in book view much more reliable than in code view, since you are always looking at the finished product. I appreciate that there are technical problems with find and replace in book view, and that is why the latest versions automatically do replace in code view. But, since fixing this is likely to be a long job, I wondered if it would be possible to give users a setting option to replace in book view (possibly with a warning that this is not 100% reliable).