Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Find Searches in Sigil 0.5.0

There have been some confusion about how find works in, the now released, 0.5.0. The confusion stems from the the 0.4.90x betas. One method was used in the early betas and it was changed later on. This all stems from the regular expression engine being changed from QRegExp to PCRE. The issue at hand is how and when the cursor is taken info account when running a find. In this regard 0.5.0 works no different than 0.4.2.

When doing a count the cursor is ignored. The entire document is taken into account from start to end.
When doing a find next the find starts from the cursor location. Everything before the cursor is ignored and not taken into account. This can, in some cases when using a regular expression, lead to the number of matches being different from the total returned by count. Again, this can only happen when using a regular expression. The reason is a regular expression can have matches that match the expression within a single match. For example: Expression:


<div>blah <div> blah </div> blah </div>

The expression will match the text from beginning to end. If you put the cursor to the right of the first < then the math will start from the second div and go to the end. This is because regular expressions can match a variable amount of text. Unlike a fixed expression like "abc" which will always match "abc".

Finding backwards will match from the start of the document up until the cursor position. This is done by finding all matches from the start to the cursor then using the last match. Again, in the case of regular expressions, a backward find can match different text than a forward find.

Find forward and backward find from the cursor so its position in the document taken into account. In the majority of instances find backward, forward and count will all match the same exact text. However, it is possible, due to their nature, to construct a regular expression that can match differently segments of text within a segment of text depending on where the cursor is located.

The above also applies to replace as a find is run to find the text to replace.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Consolidation of Sigil Help Forums

For some time now Sigil has had two different help forums. One at MobileRead and the other as a Google Group. This has caused quite a bit of confusion because people don't know the best place to go for help.

I've decided to close (it's already done so don't ask me to reconsider) the Google Group. This was an easy decision because 1) MobileRead's sub forum gets more traffic, 2) I use MobileRead and I don't use the Google Gorup, 3) Most posts on the Google Group were unanswered making it a poor place to go for help.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sigil 0.5.0 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of Sigil version 0.5.0.

0.5.0 comes with a number of bug fixes and some major new features:

  • Inline spell check in code view
  • Support for PCRE in search and replace
  • Translations into 15 languages

Please see the changelog for a full list of changes in this release.

One smaller change is I've decided to drop OpenCandy. Surprisingly I've only encountered one complaint about OpenCandy and it was directed at bundling offers for other software inside of an installer not at OpenCandy in particular. I want to make it clear that this change is not due to user request or opposition to OpenCandy but my own decision.

While I respect what OpenCandy the company is doing and I don't see anything wrong with the offerings they provide I don't think their system is right for Sigil. The big thing I don't like is OpenCandy's installer components are distributed as closed source binary modules. While my understanding is this can be used without running afoul of the GPL I fully believe it goes against the spirit of the GPL and open source in general.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and helped during the beta process.