Friday, April 22, 2011

Sigil 0.4.0RC1

We’re in Release Candidate territory now. You can get the new release from the downloads area. Changelog follows:

  • fixed an issue with splitting on SGF chapter markers creating the new HTML files in the wrong order (issue #828)
  • fixed a rare crash/memory corruption issue with automatic OPF updates
  • made the CSS resource path updates faster and more robust
  • updated FlightCrew so that CSS resource use is now far more robustly detected (issue #822)
  • fixed a rare hang when opening the Meta Editor on Win XP machines
  • a more accurate error message is now displayed for problems with file loading/saving (issue #772)
  • fixed an issue with incorrect font filepath updates in the CSS (issue #736)
  • fixed an issue with paths in the OPF not being URL-encoded (issue #823)

Looking at the outstanding bug reports, 0.4.0 is pretty stable now. There’s only one bug that I really want to fix before making the FINAL, and that’s issue 813. You can’t see the issue on the tracker since it’s private, but issue 837 is a duplicate of that issue and it’s public. Basically, there’s something wonky going on with FC validation on Macs when the FC engine is called from Sigil. I still haven’t been able to fix this, mostly because my access to Mac hardware is limited (and I can’t really debug a Mac issue on a Windows box, can I?). I expect to kill this before FINAL.

Anyway, use the new RC and report any bugs you find.