Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thesis done, job secured… next?

Two important things happened. The first is that I have finished my Master’s Thesis. My mentor signed off on it and it’s currently being printed and bound. That’s a huge weight off my shoulders. Everything is on track so I should be graduating in July.

The second important event is that after months of job offers, interview prep, flying around the planet so the interviews could be conducted etc., I have finally accepted an offer. From Google, no less. I’ll be moving to Mountain View in the San Francisco Bay Area some time in September or October of this year.

I’d like to thank all the companies I’ve interviewed with/received offers from for their time and consideration.

What does this all mean for Sigil? Well it doesn’t impact my timeline much. I have pretty much the entire summer to screw around, and a lot of that time will go to Sigil dev work. After that… well that’s material for a different blog post you should see in a few days.