Thursday, February 17, 2011

Official Twitter account for Sigil

For those who missed the MobileRead thread, here’s a copy of what I said there:

I've decide to create an official Twitter account for Sigil. Why? Because on many occasions I've felt the desire to provide more up-to-date info on Sigil's development, but didn't think it was worth writing a whole blog post about.

Now it will be possible to occasionally say something like "I'm working on X, and it looks like this: [PICTURE]", or "Life got complicated, dev work stopping for a couple of weeks", or "A new release should be coming in the next few days" etc. That last example is a good one; such pre-announcements would enable people (and especially larger organizations) that are using Sigil to prepare for a new release.

The updates should be fairly low-volume (also, erratic; I'll post when I feel I have something worthwhile to share with others).

FlightCrew-related info will also end up there.

The dev blog will still be around as it's not being replaced.

There’s already a screenshot of a few new 0.4.0 features in action. Check it out.