Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sigil 0.3.3

The new release is in the downloads area. Changelog follows:

  • added a small "Donate" button to the toolbar and a related entry in the Help menu
  • added a .desktop file for the make install target (courtesy of Richard Gibert)
  • this time *really* worked around a Tidy bug that added blank lines to the start of <pre> and <style> elements (issue #655)
  • updated ZipArchive from 4.0.1 to 4.1.0
  • fixed a regression crash bug with loading extremely rare HTML content documents that have an internal DTD subset
  • added a workaround for a crash bug caused by invalid epubs that use obfuscated fonts but with incorrect UUID URN key syntax (issue #709)
  • integrated the FlightCrew epub validation library; a new toolbar icon triggers epub validation and displays the results (issue #28)
  • fixed a rare input truncation problem when the input file contains a unicode nbsp and also specifies standalone="yes" in the XML declaration (issue #677)

So there it is, FlightCrew is finally a part of Sigil. There’s a green checkmark in the toolbar now; use it to trigger validation. You can also double-click in the list of validation results and Sigil will take you to the location of the error, if available and possible. Why “if possible”? Well Sigil doesn’t display the OPF and NCX files to the user (yet), so if you get a validation error in one of those, it can’t take you there. There are other limitations to the “take me to the error” feature, but it should work fairly well for XHTML files.

Also, this release brings OpenCandy to the Windows installers. Read about the reasoning for that in this blog post. A new installer builder is used for Windows installers (Inno instead of InstallJammer) which should fix some of the outstanding bugs with the IJ ones. Please uninstall the old version of Sigil first! Nothing really bad should happen if you don’t, but just to be on the safe side, please do.

Several people have also suggested and asked for a donate button in the UI, so one has been added. It’s a small red heart. You’ll be able to turn it off as soon as I make an options screen. :D

I’ve also made some changes to the Mac build system, so if I screwed something up, please yell as loudly as possible… or just create an issue on the tracker about it.