Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sigil 0.3.2

You can get the release in the downloads area. Changelog follows:

  • added a new toolbar button for turning Tidy cleaning on/off; this option is also available from the Tools menu (issue #553)
  • added support for TrueType Collection fonts with extension TTC
  • InDesign (as of CS5) refuses to list the fonts it embeds in the OPF manifest of the epub files it exports, even though the epub standard demands it. This causes Sigil to not pick up these fonts when opening such epub files. A workaround has been added that will detect such problematic epubs and then load the font files.
  • worked around a Tidy bug that added blank lines to the start of <pre> and <style> elements (issue #655)
  • fixed a rare crash issue when loading epub files

All of these fixes have been in the repo for a while now; I wanted to get a few more things in before pushing a new release, but I’m so pressed for time right now that I know I won’t be able to do it any time soon.

The most notable changes are a new toolbar button for turning off Tidy cleaning. A bare-bones version of Tidy will still run to make sure your source is valid XHTML, but there is no element rewriting or CSS extraction etc. When you turn it off, it’s off for loading, view switches… everywhere.

The second notable change is a workaround for InDesign’s crappy epubs with embedded fonts. Since ID doesn’t list them in the manifest, previous versions of Sigil wouldn’t pick them up during import (that’s what the standards say should happen). 0.3.2 will notice when such ID epubs are loaded and pick up the fonts.

Same thing goes for TrueType Collection fonts; ID puts them in the epub even though the standard only allows TTF’s and OTF’s… Sigil will pick up TTC’s too now if your epub has them. You shouldn’t use them, but Sigil shouldn’t silently drop them if you do. The choice should be up to the user.

With these and previous font de-obfuscation changes in place, support for InDesign epubs with embedded fonts should be fairly complete.