Thursday, November 11, 2010

FlightCrew 0.7.1

The release is here. Changelog follows:

  • added an automatic update checker to the GUI app
  • the GUI now displays a "No problems found" message when the epub passes all checks (issue #9)
  • fixed an issue with missing XHTML files causing the GUI to show a dialog about an std::exception and the CLI to report that the epub itself was not present (issue #8)
  • fixed an issue that was causing empty error messages for incorrect uses of XML encodings (issue #5)
  • fixed an issue with anchor links to the current file (links with fragments only) incorrectly throwing errors in the reachability analysis (issue #3)

Besides some nice bug fixes, you also get two nice features: a message is now displayed when no problems have been found (lots of people asked for that one… and I agree, it should have been there from day one) and an update checker for the GUI app. The update checker is the same module used in Sigil, so it works the same way. It will notify you when you start the app that a new version exists if it detects one on the server. The check is only performed if the last one was more than six hours ago.

This of course means that FlightCrew-gui will now access the Internet when you start it.

Also note that the installers now install everything in a “FlightCrew” folder by default, and not in “FlightCrew-gui”. This means that FC 0.7.1 will not overwrite an installation of FC 0.7.0. You should uninstall the old one before installing the new one, otherwise you’ll end up with two different versions of FC on your computer. It won’t prevent either from working correctly, it’s just annoying. Smile

Mac users will see that there is now a “FlightCrew-cli” application along with “” in the DMG. It should have been there in the first release, but I forgot to add it. Such is life.