Thursday, November 4, 2010

0.3.0 FINAL

So here it is, the final version of 0.3.0. The changelog from 0.3.0 FINAL follows. Don’t forget that if you’re coming from 0.2.4, changes from RC1 and RC2 also apply.

  • root rights no longer needed to install on Linux
  • fixed an issue with some child headings being attached to incorrect parent headings in the TOC if the parent was marked as "not in TOC" (issue #476)
  • fixed an issue with some UTF-8 characters outside the BMP (usually CJK characters) not being saved properly (issue #180)
  • fixed an issue with certain path types not being correctly updated as a result of the fix for issue #501 (issue #561)
  • the Book Browser now prevents adding files that already exist in the epub
  • previously, when adding external XHTML files through the Book Browser, any files (like CSS stylesheets or images) that were linked from that file were included in the epub under a different name if their original name was "taken"; this caused duplicates so this behavior has changed: files whose names are "taken" are now skipped over (issue #482)
  • fixed a rare issue that caused incorrect path updates for anchor links pointing to file names that were suffixes of other chapter file names, and the anchor had a fragment ID (issue #598)
  • fixed an issue with the image paths in background-image CSS rules not being updated when the path changes (issue #594)
  • Sigil now informs the user that DRMed files cannot be opened, instead of just crashing (issue #624)
  • this time *really* fixed the "acknowledgments" error that was reported as fixed in RC1
  • fixed a crash on load (with an error dialog) issue on Linux systems occurring when multiple users on the same machine tried to use Sigil (issue #642)
  • fixed a randomly occurring crash, usually triggered on Macs during loading (issue #643)

And now I’m off to give FlightCrew some much-needed love.