Friday, October 8, 2010

Sigil 0.3.0RC1

I’ve just released Sigil 0.3.0RC1. Please note that this release include some major changes under the hood, and as such may not be very stable. From the test I’ve made, it works great. Any problems I’ve found I’ve quickly fixed. But since this release brings a new version of Qt and completely replaces the internal XML DOM provider from QDom to Xerces, there are bound to be some regressions I’ve missed. Bear that in mind.

Here’s the changelog:

  • fixed a validation issue caused by using the American spelling for "acknowledgments" where the OPF spec uses the British "acknowledgements" (issue #611)
  • Sigil now uses "application/x-font-ttf" as the media type in the OPF for TrueType fonts (issue #609)
  • on Mac OS X, the universal build now includes an x64 version of Sigil, and builds now use Cocoa instead of Carbon; support for Mac OS X 10.4 is dropped along with support for PowerPC Macs
  • fixed a problem with opening files from the Ubuntu "Open With" menu (issue #524)
  • made Tidy handle common user errors like "&co." in the HTML source instead of "&co."
  • fixed a rare Tidy bug with disappearing spaces when the only whitespace in an element was the newline following a start tag (issue #387)
  • changed the internal DOM engine from Qt's QDom to Xerces; this should also bring numerous bug fixes and performance improvements plus a small (~10%) decrease in memory consumption (issue #367)
  • updated Qt to 4.7: this should bring a 400%+ performance increase in Book View rendering along with countless smaller performance improvements and bug fixes across the board
  • switched to the MSVC 10 compiler for Windows releases; should bring ~5% general performance improvement
  • fixed several crash/error problems relating to opening, saving and modifying epub files which have onerous file permissions set for internal content files (issue #574)
  • added a workaround for broken epubs created by other epub-producing software which caused a crash on certain searches with the Find dialog (issue #548)
  • fixed a problem with Book Browser's "Merge with previous" action if a file was previously deleted from the Book Browser (issue #565)
  • fixed a problem with chapter splits being placed in the wrong reading order if a file was previously deleted from the Book Browser (issue #497)

Performance improvements all around, plus some major fixes. Mac and Linux users would sometimes get a “permission denied” error when opening an epub with Sigil; this was caused by badly constructed epub files. A workaround has been implemented so you should not see this anymore.

Mac users also get an x64 build in the universal binary, and this should bring another 10% performance improvement to people who have a Mac that can support this architecture. Support for Tiger is dropped along with support for PowerPC Macs.

Linux users get some custom love too: you should now be able to use Ubuntu’s “Open With” menu with Sigil.

If you see any regressions, please report them ASAP. Sigil 0.2.4 stays the “official” versions until any major problems with 0.3.0 are resolved.