Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Qt 4.7 is out… where’s Sigil?

As the title says, Qt 4.7 is out. The trunk version of Sigil has been running on Qt 4.7 RC1 for weeks now, and any problems that I’ve noticed I’ve already fixed. But it’s not all roses…

I’ve also transitioned to Visual Studio 2010 and the MSVC 10.0 C++ compiler… and it apparently miscompiles Qt 4.7 when compiling as x64. Here’s the bug report on Nokia’s tracker. To be clear, this is not a Nokia bug, but a Microsoft bug. MS apparently has a hotfix already, and it’s about to be released any day now. They’re testing it to make sure it doesn't break most of the world’s software. :)

What does that mean for Sigil? Well I was hoping that the hotfix would be released before Qt, but that didn’t happen. So the release of Sigil 0.3.0RC1 is delayed for the time being. There were a few more bugs I wanted to fix anyway.

I’m going to give MS about a week more to release the hotfix; if it’s not out by then, Sigil goes back to MSVC 9.0 (the same version used for all Sigil releases so far) until it is.