Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just pushed a new release. Here’s the changelog (highlights bolded):

  • fixed a problem with updating image paths for images with the same filename but coming from different parent directories (issue #501)
  • added a new "Merge With Previous" context menu action for XHTML files in the Book Browser (issue #265)
  • changed Tidy to handle the common typing mistake of ending entities with a ':' instead of a ';' (issue #535)
  • fixed a bug where double-clicking a file in the Book Browser for a file that was already opened in a tab switched that tab back to Book View; the tab now retains whatever View it was in previously
  • newly opened tabs now default to the View of the current tab (issue #468)
  • re-engineered the locations where Sigil stores its work files; the system-provided temp folder is now used; this should alleviate some permissions issues on certain machines, especially Macs (issue #404)
  • Sigil now prevents the renaming of files in the Book Browser to file-system invalid names (issue #493)
  • changed the keyboard shortcut that opens the Replace dialog from Cmd+H to Cmd+Shift+F on Macs only; Cmd+H is used by Mac OS X for window hiding (issue #477)
  • fixed an issue with Sigil using XHTML 1.0 for OPS doctypes, instead of XHTML 1.1 (issue #503)
  • several files can now be marked as having the Text semantic type (issue #522)
  • fixed an issue with Direction: All in book wide searching skipping last XHTML file (issue #520)
  • fixed an issue with the declared XML encoding not being picked up if it was wrapped in single quotes instead of the more standard double quotes
  • fixed an issue where the user could avoid the warning dialog for book-wide searching in Book View if he switched to this mode in Code View, and then switched back
This is mostly a bugfix release, with the notable exception of the “Merge With Previous” feature. Lots of people asked for that, so there it is.

I’ve also changed the location where Sigil stores its work files since it was causing an error when starting on certain Mac machines. I’ve also changed the “open Replace dialog” shortcut from Cmd+H to Cmd+Shift+F. You can now use Cmd+H to hide Sigil windows. :)


  1. You've been working hard! I'm wondering: why does formatting such as italics get deleted when I copy-past from Word to Sigil? This is something that's been bothering me for while.

  2. In general, copy-pasting rich text from other applications into Sigil's Book View doesn't work as well as it should because this functionality is governed by QtWebKit which does a poor job at it.

    Always export your rich text to HTML and then import it into Sigil. That will preserve all formatting and will also clean up the HTML with Tidy. See here:

    You could also c/p the HTML into Code View, but importing is a better idea.

  3. Awesome, thanks Strahinja. I particularly appreciate the more standard keyboard shortcuts for Mac.