Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Bumpy ride lately. Changelog follows:

  • fixed an issue with the new data from one view sometimes not being saved in the final epub when switching to the other view
  • worked around a Qt focus issue causing current tab data to sometimes not be saved; this was uncovered by fixing the hang-on-save issue, which was caused by the same underlying problem (issue #466)

The work in 0.2.1 has caused some unfortunate synchronization issues.

Problem #1: You work in Code View, make some changes and switch to Book View. You see the changes transfer to BV, then save the epub. Opening the epub, the changes are not there.

This was my fault and should now be fixed.

Problem #2: You work in Book View (or Code View), make changes and save. Sometimes the changes do save, sometimes they don’t. Same thing goes for the TOC editor sometimes not seeing your changes, or the Find/Replace dialog messing things up and losing data.

This is caused by a “lost” focus event. I’ve observed this only once on Windows 7, but it’s reportedly much more frequent on Win XP machines. Linux and Mac machines seem to be immune (although similar issues caused by problem #1 can masquerade as this problem). This seems to be a Qt issue, and I’ve now worked around it. The same underlying “missing focus event” issue was causing the previous hang problems.

There was a third problem reported: you make changes in CV, then switch directly to BV. Any changes are now gone. I’ve only had one user report this, all other reports appear to be caused by problems #1 and #2. I’m still unable to reproduce this, no matter what I do or what machine I use. If you have this issue with the new 0.2.3, please report it ASAP. Use the issue tracker.

I’ve been stealing away hours from my other obligations to work on Sigil since these are major problems, but man, doing this has already started to haunt me…