Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is a very minor bugfix release. Changelog follows:

  • simplified the resource locking mechanism; should eliminate the hang-on-save issue
  • fixed a problem with Book View chapter splitting sometimes not being registered on save, causing duplicate content (issue #450)

I’m trying to leave a rather stable version of Sigil before going on my coding break, so this release is important. Users have reported a higher chance of encountering the hang-on-save problem, and now I've completely changed a fundamental aspect of the resource locking architecture and also minimized all the critical sections so this should really be fixed now. If it’s not… then it’s caused by something completely unrelated. Which is possible, seeing as how I can’t reproduce the issue and thus get an exact fix on the culprit. The bug is not deterministic, which clearly points to the threading-enabled code.

The second major bug was caused by a line a code I forgot to add after some recent refactorings.

If you see the hang-on-save issue with this new release (or any other kind of hang bug, or any other kind of bug at all :) ), please report it ASAP with as much detail as possible.