Thursday, May 6, 2010

0.2.0 RC3

Ok, RC3 is now up on the site. Download it here.


  • fixed a regression that messed up the tab order of the controls in the Find dialog (issue #380)
  • fixed an issue with cross-file FindNext causing a hang when the search term is not in the book and "Direction: All" is used (issue #378)
  • the Text folder in the Book Browser is now expanded by default after loading

This is also the first release that was completely built and uploaded by an automatic process composed of several Python scripts. Since it’s brand new, it could have introduced some problems. The whole point of this automated build system is to eliminate those nasty situations where I would upload the wrong file, forget to include some critical libraries into the installers or something else.

Once the system has been set up to produce correct builds, it should stay that way.

If anyone’s wondering when 0.2.0 final will be released, my rule of thumb is three days without any showstopper bugs reported. In RC2, the showstopper was the FindNext hang that has now been fixed.