Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The second beta of Sigil 0.2.0 has just been released. Here are the release notes:

  • fixed an issue with exported HTML/CSS/etc. files inside EPUBs having superfluous newlines
  • fixed an issue with the TOC editor adding empty "class" attributes to headings (issue #297)   
  • added a new "Window" menu item with new "Next Tab", "Previous Tab" and "Close Tab" actions (issue #273)
  • fixed an issue with the font used in the line number area in the Code View being incorrect when the Code View is first opened; the problem affected mostly Mac machines (issue #290)  
  • Sigil now handles corrupt epub files with an OPF referencing non-existent files (issue #289)   
  • the Book Browser now doesn't scroll back to the top when an item is deleted or added (issue #263)  
  • the Book Browser now allows a file's extension to change between HTM, HTML, XHTML and XML (issue #264)   
  • OPF and NCX files don't rely anymore on UTF-8 XML default parsing, but specify their UTF-8  encoding directly in the declaration   
  • fixed an issue with changes in the TOC editor not being reflected in the book (issue #277)   
  • fixed an issue with the TOC editor not recognizing the "title" attribute on headings (issue #271)  
  • fixed an issue with the user seeing the old, unclean source in the Code View (issue #286)  
  • fixed an issue with the user being prompted to save when quitting even when no changes  have been performed on the new/loaded file (issue #276)   
  • fixed an issue with Book/Code View keyboard shortcuts firing in the wrong view (issue #266)   
  • tentatively fixed an issue with Sigil locking up when chapter breaking (issue #267)   
  • fixed an issue with Tidy adding a superfluous “lang” attribute that is also not allowed  in XHTML 1.1   
  • making sure that ID attributes used in the manifest section of the OPF are always valid   
  • fixing export of epubs with XML files for OPS documents

Quite a few things made it to the second beta. As you can see, a truly great deal of bugs were fixed. Some of the things I wanted to include in this release didn’t make it in (like breaking chapters on SGF chapter breaks, issue #262). Sorry guys, but there were some really critical bugs in the previous beta (like the TOC editor not working… at all), and I wanted to push fixes for those ASAP.

My university duties and responsibilities are picking up again, so Sigil development will slow down a bit. Not too much I hope…